Thursday, December 16, 2010

Blogspot Light: XXCMAG.COM

** Double X's aren't just for pant sizes . . . fellow blogger, The Soiled Chamois, started up a freakin' awesome online (and paper version) magazine that I think you should seriously check out:

What does a very below average mid pack endurance mountain bike racer do, when he loves the sport, has a background it print & design media, and a wife that doesn't mind bringing home the bacon to support the family? Start an eMag and print mag dedicated to the sport of endurance mountain bike racing and all day adventures in the dirt called XXC Magazine.

XXC Magazine is not about the latest high tech gadgets, in depth product reviews, same old, same old training tips, and little blurbs about the epic races we love. What XXC Magazine IS about is showing the spirit, love and emotion of endurance mountain bike racing and riding with photos, race reports, tales of epic adventures and interviews from contributors that range from Pro racers to mid pack shleps all over the world.

You can preview (AKA read the mag for free) on the eMag page of XXCMAG.COM, or you can download your own eMag version right to your hard drive for $2.25 and help to support the mag and keep it going. If you want an old school, hands on mag that you can take in the can with you, you can get issues 5 through 9 at at varying costs depending on page counts.

The cost of "on demand" printing is not real cheap, but it is printed on heavy stock and has a great magazine "feel" to it. Except for issue #7 that has a bit lighter paper due to exceeding the page limit for the heavier stock (DOH!). eMag back issues of XXC Magazine are available on the Archives page of XXCMAG.COM for prices that range from FREE to $1.25.

Speaking of the XXC web site. XXCMAG.COM is in no way trying to be VeloNews or You're not going to see the results of every race, or anything like that. The site is mostly dedicated to hosting the eMag. A new feature on the web site is a growing Events page that list endurance races from around the world. Currently there is well over 100 races on the site with more being posted every day. The blog does have some pretty cool videos and posts from various endurance races and the occasional race update or preview.

Dang! Have to get me one of these in pink! Some styling other goodies as well - check it out!

While you're on the site check out the the Merch page! There you will find stickers, Ts, and until January 10th the ability to pre order some damn swank XXC Magazine jerseys, shorts and caps. Because while Mrs. XXC doesn't mind bringing home that bacon for now, it is NOT known how long she will put up with Mr. XXC not bringing home ANY of it!

XXC Magazine is published up to 5 times a year, and is run by one person with an iMac. And of course writers and contributors world wide.

2011 looks to be bigger for XXC with lots of stuff in development, including more issues available for iPad, and the hope to get the cost of the print mag down (without sacrificing quality) and into actual bike shops and stores for folks to see.

For more information check out XXCMAG.COM

** stay tunned in the next while for a XXCMAG.COM related prize give away only on my blawg.


Kim said...

Thanks for the link - good stuff!

Hafta say - my mind went to chromosomes, not movies when I saw XX. AWESOME! A mag about XC riding for women!

James said...

Cool mag and blog at the XXC site!