Monday, December 20, 2010

Saturday Skate Ski

Curvy Butt and I got out for our first ski together this season, but the third ski of the season for each of us.  We are perfectly matched for out-of-shape'ness  -  seems we needed to rest at exactly the same times during our hour an a half skate ski. 

We stopped only four times on our way up to the top of the Fortune Parkway - yes, I said 'only' four times.  I can't talk for Curvy, but that is a record for me at this early in the ski season.  I can only credit the new skis, cause my fitness certainly isn't there yet.  

Conditions were near perfect for this time of year and the amount of snow we've had.  -4 degrees, fast snow, new skis = wicked.

View from Champlain Look-off.


Mark said...

How much snow do you guys have up there? Looks great!

CB2 said...

If we reliably got good snow, I'd ski more too, but Southern New England is sort of hit or miss. Seems more miss lately. A few years ago i bought new XC skis just to ensure it wouldn't snow and I could ride my bike more.

Anonymous said...

you look good!

the original big ring said...

Mark - we got a good base, need more snow though - it's getting a bit icy in spots.

Charlie - don't mind the break from the bike. I do hope that we don't get too much snow over the course of the winter so that we can hit the trails in the spring.

Anonymous - shucks, you're making me blush.


anjalisharma said...

Nice one...