Thursday, January 6, 2011

Mail love

 Another something in the mail for me.  "Big Love" indeed. 
Next week I'll have a contest where you can win one of these XXCMAG.COM decals and one of mine (if you don't already have one).
 I sent The Soiled Chamois a decal and he sent me a couple in return (thanks Chamois!).  Didn't know that we belonged to a sticker club did you? Next week I'll give you a chance to win one of your own in an exciting contest, once I figure out what 'excitement' the contest will consist of. 
Found my new favourite decal an appropriate home right beside the hammer on the toolboard in the workshop.    


Anonymous said...

if you put that dude that looks so high on one of those stickers...

"sometimes fun hurts pretty f#cken bad"

I'll buy one!

then, stick that jebus thing on a back-pack sticker.

I'll buy one!

Kim said...

I was a pretty big fan of "guess what flavour doughnut I ate most recently".

Just sayin'.

Jason said...

Next week we'll flip baseball cards (or hockey cards), your call.