Monday, January 10, 2011

Nowhere to go, just in circles

Three out of two days this weekend on the trainer for a grand total of 2.5 hours of spinning.  The basement torture begins.  
I need to find some motivation while in the saddle.  Watching old races that I've seen a million times isn't going to cut it.  Was looking at The Soiled Chamois' review and Cycling News' review of Sufferfest Training Videos.  They look good, look different and might be what I need to mix things up on the trainer this winter.  Anyone want to go splitz on the videos? Maybe a few people making it dirty cheap? 
My arse, after two days back on the saddle, was sore, red and swollen like a baboon's backside.
Spinning, spinning, spinning going nowhere fast.
My goal, for now anyway, is to get on the trainer three days a week for about an hour or so each session.  Mixed with strength, flexibility training at the gym two to three times a week (on trainer days)  and about three skis a week should help with the weight loss and help keep my fitness base intact until I can get out on the road.


Anonymous said...

yuk, trainers..

RWR use to have inside races on the weekends, but I'm not sure if Glen still has them. They were kind of fun. You could race against arron Filion, Derick St John etc... in the very slim chance yah might take them (these guys pull out around 350W on average and 95 cadence etc...)

Jog! I went for a 16km jog yesterday. not the most exciting thing in the world, but at least you don't get cabin fever! Being inside for days on end is not a good thing.

Its too bad they don't have those races in KL anymore - ski, snow shoe, run etc..

and, its too bad the tall tree boyz don't offer up some winter time races (non-formal style).

there's some really really good back country riding in wakefield. Hit up down around the wooden bridge to Low then back on the other side of the 105 to wakefield. Some fantastic scenary and great country roads that aren't too infested in salt (they use sand mostly). Some really good times can be had there...

there's lots that can be done in the winter.

Anonymous said...

Hey bud,

I set my rollers up in the garage so at least I'm outside getting fresh air and have something to look at which is somewhat close to riding (instead of a wall/tv).

It works surprisingly well actually and it's quite a bit warmer than actually riding.