Monday, January 31, 2011

Pandora's Cookie Box Contest

Over the weekend I fell into a wee bit of a nutritional hole on the side of the 'eating healthy' road. I was craving something sweet to eat Friday night and said so to wifey.
"I can make cookies!?!" was her reply.
Who was I to argue.
Off she went.
What can I say, I have a wife who loves to bake. She has a husband who loves to eat. It's a balanced relationship.

There was a catch . . . the cookies were to be healthy.
Pffffft, whatever.  Less talk and more bake.  

Healthy Cookbook that I received for Christmas. Did you know that Quinoa is a whole grain that has it's own complete protein?!
Healthy recipe.  Cookies came out to be roughly 3/4" thick and 3" wide. (*Note: despite what the recipe says, it did not yield five dozen).
Pandora's box is an artifact in Greek mythology, taken from the myth of Pandora's creation. When Pandora opened the box, the entire contents of the jar were released, but for one – hope. Today, opening Pandora's box means to create evil that cannot be undone.
3 1/4" deep
9 1/4 " wide
7 1/4" wide.
Estimate how many "Healthy Cookies" I ate between Friday 7:30 PM and Saturday 11 AM correctly and I'll give you a prize.  (*Note:  I didn't eat all of them, but they were all gone.)  Become a 'Follower' and I'll give you two prizes!
"That's it?" you exclaim?!?  "Jebus stickers, one sticker and some Canadian Tire Money for all my hard work of guess-timating how many cookies a fat fugger ate!"

Having the coolest custom sticker of your most favourite-sub-par-average-middle-of-the-pack-sometimes racing-fat guy doesn't appeal to you, nor a cool sticker from the most awesome mountain bike web magazine out there, and not even enough Canadian Tire money to buy a year supply of duct tape just doesn't turn your crank . . . . how about one of these:
More on how I came across a few of these babies to give away in the next couple of days.
Three Backcountry Research Awesome Straps (which truly are awesome) to be given away to three lucky winners.  I'll even throw in a Jebus sticker and some Canadian Tire Money.   You got one week.

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rick is! said...

I say one cookie. One cookie the size of a manhole cover...

A. Webster said...

In that amount of time I could probably put away ten cookies so I'm going to guess that you ate ummm, 12?

Johnny Utah said...

A little late but I would say 20 American I don't know how you's Canardians count.