Thursday, February 3, 2011


From top left: 0 km mark near Chateau Laurier and Parilament, Pretoria Bridge, Bank St bridge near Landsdown.  Bottom left: stone bride, skate, art on ice.
 Got out for my first skate on the Rideau Canal Skateway this season before work Tuesday afternoon.  The snow would have been pretty slow for skiing, not enough for snowshoeing, and I didn't feel like sitting on the trainer.  Opted for some crosstraing.

It was a frigg'n cold day, but the ice was in good shape.  Skated the full length, out and back - 15km or so.  Got to the gym and hit the weights afterwards to warm up after getting pretty cold in the windchill.

Potty on ice.  Really?!?  Is a sign really necessary?
Skating can work up an appetite.  Beavers . . . that intrusive pest of a rodent which can cause extensive damages.  In destroying the pesky animals we Canadians have come up with an ingenious way to take advantage of the yummiest part of the beaver, it's tail . . . mmmm, Beaver Tails. You'd think that they'd be all leathery and tough, when actually they melt in your mouth.
Mmmmm . . . Poutine.
End of the canal - 7.8 km worth of ice.


CB2 said...

Good to see they have an ATM so hungry Canucks can satiate their poutine needs.

Anonymous said...

The sign is for waterless urinals. It is a green thing that places like to brag about, therefore the sign is necessary.

Johnny Utah said...

That depends on the species of Beaver.

gwadzilla said...

in DC there is a sign to tell people not to eat the hockey puck looking thing in the stand up urinal because it is not a giant SMARTIE