Friday, January 14, 2011

Road stuff

Chasing Legends, a highly-anticipated bike movie focusing on the 2009 Tour de France through the eyes of Team Columbia-HTC, will be shown across Canada during a special one-night screening. The high-definition film will be shown in 43 theatres Feb. 2 at 7 p.m.

Finally, Chasing Legends makes it way to the big screen here in the True North Strong and Free.  Been looking forward to seeing this for a while now and the good news is I am free the night of Feb. 2nd.  Whoot!
Clicky clicky photo for Ryder's blog.
And since I'm on the topic of road riding/racing and Canada . . . Ryder Hesjedal of Garmin-Cervelo (formerly Gamin-Slipstream) was named CyclingNews' Most Improved Rider this past season.
Ryder Hesjedal (Garmin-Cervelo) has been crowed the most improved rider of 2010 by Cyclingnews readers. The Canadian won just under a third of the votes (5001), beating Vincenzo Nibali (2611) and Richie Porte (2458) into second and third respectively.

Michael Barry
Another favourite Canadian roadie I enjoy following is Michael Barry.  Not only is he a professional cyclist with Sky, but he is an accomplished writer and blogger.  Check out his blog, Le Metier for blogs posts, photos, videos and links to his published writing.  Barry comes from a strong cycling background with his father being the mastermind/frame builder of gorgeous Mariposa Cycles in Toronto.

Mariposa Cycles
Finally, Svein Tuft, who formerly was a teammate of Hesedal and on Garmin-Sliptream [I say 'formerly' because I don't see him on the team roister for this upcoming season].  Tuft was never really in the international limelight, however, his story of how he became a professional cyclist is very interesting and worth the read.  Perhaps what he has lacked in international fame and glory as a pro cyclist he makes up ten fold in his character. 



Anonymous said...

I hate to nit pick and I really do enjoy your blog, but as a Canadian who only gets to occasionally bask in th reflected glory of a fellow Canuck his name is spelled Barry. It is certainly possible that spell check got hold of this. Please feel free to delete this once you have seen it.
And I really do like the blog.

the original big ring said...

Hey Dave, no worries and thanks for noticing. I agree 100% we have got to toot our own horns! I visit Barry's blog a couple times a week checking for updates - don't know how that one slipped by.

And thanks for the compliment - much appreciated.

gwadzilla said...

I need a copy on DVD... then maybe I will get on the trainer