Monday, January 17, 2011

When death knocks . . .

I don't mean to alarm you, but I am dying. I've self-diagnosed and have given myself a life expectancy to the end of the week if I am lucky. 

I took Thursday off work to stay home with The Peanut as she's been ravaged by a wicked flue.  Flue turned into an ear ache and now is on antibiotics.   Mommy had already missed work once this week and stayed home with her, it was now my turn.  Called in sick late Wednesday night.  No sooner had I hung up the phone and my throat was feeling a bit scratchy.  Meh.  It's probably nothing.

Thursday - I felt like crippity crap.  A bad cold at worst. Maybe calling in wasn't a bad idea.  I'll rest up and will be able to go ski or ride the trainer tomorrow.

Friday - I felt worse.  Much worse.  A slight fever, cough, runny nose, sore throat. Cold must be peaking.  Get it over with and tomorrow will be better.   

Saturday - in the morning I was sure that I was beginning to round the hump of this little cold/flue.  Got on with my day.  Shovelled my laneway and went to a B4H meeting.

Later Saturday evening . . . watching the Leafs play.  The misery I was suffering as I watched them lose to Calgary was tiny compared to the sudden and overwhelming black wave of death that crashed over me at the start of the overtime period.  This MUST be the end of the world.  My body felt like a nuclear power plant melting down from it's core.  Fever spiked, cold chills began.  Muscles becoming rigid and sore, joints feel like someone has taken extreme vengeance out on them with a very large crowbar.  My throat feels as if an English chimney sweep jammed one of his coarse bristly wire brushes down my larynx a few million times not sweeping away the soot, but rather flesh.  Raw sore throat.

 Sunday - I can barely move.  Praying for an airplane to fall out of the sky and crush me into smithereens with absolutely no mercy.  I drank so much cranberry and orange juice that I wet the bed . .  twice.  It's official - this is the worse flue I've ever had. 

By Sunday I was mainlining Buckley's and Tylenol extra strength looking for some sort of relief.
I . . . FEEL . . . LIKE . . . CRAP !


A. Webster said...

Geez, I hope you and your daughter are feel better soon Craig.
A home remedy I got from another fellow cyclists blog was combining honey, black pepper, tumeric, and eating a few spoonfuls of that each day. I have it on a piece of toast but also add a sprinkling of cloves, cinnamon,and ginger. I thought it would taste like shit but it's actually yummy.
Thanks also for the stickers! Got them in the mail last week.

Anonymous said...


but, stock up
(bees have died in places within china, it costs them billions to manually pollinate plants etc...)

you have to take it every day.

King said...

Want to go sking tonight?


rick is! said...

hey look! your nose has gotten smaller. things aren't all bad.

the original big ring said...

Angie, thanks. Clovers - blechk! However, I'll try anything right now.

Anony, honey - got it. Thanks.

King - break a leg.

Richard - fuck you.

Day Six of the most horrendous flu ever and I am still alive. Hooray.

Anonymous said...

why are you so mean to richard... be nice!

at least you don't have the shits.

Anonymous said...

best nose pic ever!