Saturday, January 22, 2011

Shoot me now

First bit of exercise in a week. Blow your brains out kind of fun.


Kim said...

Craig - the ribbing about the sticker was all in fun. Would rather get one by seeing you in person!

PS Ditch that damn virus!

the original big ring said...

Kimberly, I too was joking about being made fun of . . . sheeeeesh!
If I am allowed to come to the women's weekend at Joyride I'll bring you one! I'll wear fake boobs (the largest you've ever seen) and a mini skirt the entire weekend.

Addy for a sticker? (e-maily me!) I'll send one to markus too.


Kim said...

Boobs and a mini-skirt? You're so in. Jump clinic for you! Tag along with the Vagabond (or any of the 10 others I hear are making the trek from the Ottawa area).

Your adorable little daughter could probably shred the beginner clinic. Last weekend there was a kid on a push bike OWNING the pump track.