Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Day seven of The Most Horrible Flu Ever and I am still alive. Again, I'll say it: this is the worst flu I've ever had. Yesterday I had to make only my third trip out of the house since last Thursday.

I awoke Tuesday morning with the right side of my face throbbing. Throb, throb, throb. Above my eye along my brow and below my eye in the sinus cavity it felt as something was trying to get out.

The terrible, terrible pain led me to visit a doctor and my suspicions were correct - The Most Horrible Flu Ever spawned itself in my sinus cavities on the right side of my face, resulting in a sinus infection. Good news: antibiotics will treat it in ten days and I'll start seeing results in two. Bad news: it's going to feel like it's getting worse before it get's better. Fugg me.  Two days of a pounding, throbbing headache. 

I've seen a steady loss of weight until this past week.  My goal of 186 lbs by Spring is still very much attainable.
And what's worse, I gained a pound this past week.  I don't understand how that is possible because I've had very little appetite and haven't been eating much at all.  And what I've been eating it's been healthy and in small portions.  I really thought I was going to come away from The Worst Flu Ever lighter.  If anything I figured my muscles would have begun to atrophy due to the sedentary condition I've been slain to.


Kark said...

weight loss secret. Two words;

Amoebic Dysentery.

You'll look like an extension ladder holding up a wet t-shirt in no time.

Jason said...


Yikes #1 Flu? Dammmn. Get better fool. Good luck with that alien.

Yikes #2 Gaining a pound- probably due to your metabolism slowing. You're hardly eating, and your body is holding on to everything. Or the added weight is coming from those gorilla legs and socks? Not sure.

Yikes #3 198?? You're ahead of me! I'm down 5+ and haven't got out of clydesdale class yet! But close! My only hope is that you are like 4 feet tall. But as I recall you are not.

Dan Frayer said...

I am dropping some Lbs. steadily after reading Robb Wolf's "The Paleo Solution."

Check it out, then check out my new blog: is dead.

love dan

Dan Frayer said...

I have been dropping Lbs. steadily after reading Robb Wolf's "The Paleo Solution." Cordain and Friel have a spin off that is in the mail. i will let you know how it reads.

Get well soon and check out my new site is dead

love dan