Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Skewered and Ski

Today I did a second skate ski as in many days.  Last night Curvy Butt and I ventured up to the base of Fortune and climbed our way to Champlain Look-off.  Despite the reports, I didn't find the skiing bad at all.  In fact, it was one of my all time (for this early in the season) climb - only one short stop for a breather on the way to the top.  The snow was fast, packed down, but somewhat abrasive.  You could tell that the big machines hadn't been out and only ski-doos were doing the grooming (glad to see my $$ and everyone else who bought a season's xc pass is getting their money's worth) as there were many grooves in the base - brutal.

The night almost ended before we reached the top with Curvy Butt being skewered by my ski up his jacksie.  There we were, on one of the last little ups before the look-off, had a good pace, staying on his tail when he went all spread eagle and face-planted into the trail for no apparent reason.  I did my best to avoid him, but couldn't help the 192 cm long ski from nearly helping achieve his life long dream of singing soprano for the Vienna Boys Choir.  Luckily I didn't have to clean the tip of my ski when I got home.

Lac Renaud on #55.
It was my day off work today, so with nothing else to do I headed up to Lac Phillipe at the Northern end of Gatineau Park. I don't get up that way much this time of year but I wanted to check out the conditions compared to trailheads closer to home. I was a bit disappointed in the grooming. It had also been done by ski-doos, however it had not firmed up (doesn't get the amount of traffic that closer-to-the-city trails get). It was a wee bit soft, and the snow was very dry and cold making skiing on the slow side. Regardless, it was so nice to be out. I only saw a handful of people during my entire ski.

#55 near Lac Taylor
Renaud Cabin

Yurt at Lac Taylor

*Late edit - something went pearshaped on the upload of the video - phooey.

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