Monday, February 28, 2011

A group ski and a nearly frozen pecker

Saturday, group skate ski with Curvy Butt, Zamboni, Dr. Kim and You-Know-My-Name-Is-Simon. Conditions on the parkway were primo. Finely chewed up granular sand like snow made for beautiful glide and control.  It was the most funnest ski I've had this season for a few reasons: 1) good group of fellas, 2) skiing in a group pushes you to keep up, 3) lots of laughs.

Ski Club.  The first rule of Ski Club is you must not talk about Ski Club.  BUT, you can rap about it . . . as Simon appears to be doing in the above photo.
Best line of the day:  "Hey Zamboni, Mario Cipollini called.  He wants his glasses back."

Champlain Look-off.  With the warmer temps over the past week or so, the exposure at the top lends itself to melting away down to the pavement.
From P9 we skied =>  P10=>  Fortune Parkway=> Champlain Parkway=>  to the lookout=>  to Ridge=>  Burma=>  Fortune Parkway=>  back to P10=>  P9.  Burma was in the worst shape I've ever seen it.  It was a roller coaster horror show; from start to end no grooming, frozen post holes from hikers, frozen ski ruts & ridges, and lots of debris.  It was, however, an excellent opportunity to work on balance and keeping yourself upright.

Dr. Kim, the best'est ski instructor ever, put on a little clinic at the end of our ski giving us a few pointers.  Skate skiing is all about technique.  I've said it before, it is the most difficult sport I've ever done.  Thanks Dr. Kim for all the great advice - anything that's going to get me up the hill a little easier is always appreciated.  

Sunday Curvy Butt and I got out for a small skate loop.  With the new snow down it was somewhat slow going.  It didn't help that Demise hadn't gotten out to groom in the morning.  I was totally gazed-to-the-tits climbing Fortune.  Maybe it was the new snow, maybe it was the lack of grooming, maybe it was because I hadn't recovered well enough from Saturday's ski.  What I think the problem was the fact that I didn't eat pizza the night before.  More on my scientific study later in the week. 

At Wattford (is it Wattford or Watchford?) Look-out CB had to stop for a minute because his pecker nearly froze off.  That's the price you pay for not wearing wind-front underoos.  He had to double himself up to get some warmth on Mr Happy, who now was Mr Frozen. 

 P9=> P10=> Fortune Parkway=> hung left on Ridge Rd=> out to Wattford=> down Penguin=> Gatineau Parkway=> P8=> P9.  Lots and lots of people out yesterday enjoying the sun and snow.

'It' was only going to get more cold bombing down Penguin to the parkway. 

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