Friday, February 25, 2011

Jonesing for outside

Fender time of year.  If I had the $$ I'd stroll/ride down to Tall Tree Cycles and pick me up a set of these beauties.
 The car in the shop Wednesday prompted me to ride to work.  My 'official' first outside-ride-of-the-year.  If you can call it a ride.  About 25 minutes to work.  Just enough time for me feet to being to start feeling the cold.  It was only - 5 (23 F).  I was toasty warm everywhere else, but my feet. 
Nice face.  Want a banana?
The short ride to & from work had me jones'ing (do the hip kids still say that?  I know that Charlie does) to get out and ride. 

1 comment:

rick is! said...

23 degrees and you need something over your face??? It has to be below zero before I do that. pussy. actually, I don't even cover my ears at 23 degrees.

wait, in all weather you SHOULD cover YOUR face.