Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Best Intentions - Part II

I came home tired, cold and hungry from work Saturday afternoon.  Still, I mustered up the energy and gumption to fill up a water bottle, air up the tires, set the tension on the trainer and even get my riding clothes ready to go.  I was going to prove that I had the mental toughness and physical aptness to get on the bike for the third day in a row.  Over the stench of my chamois after two days of riding I could smell the smell of success.

My best intentions, however, had me ending up here:

Something inside me gave way to an easier, softer (and bubblier) way.  A bubbly bubble bath.  The farthest thing from riding the trainer.  And to boot I ate a half a bag of Gold Fish while soaking in the tub (what a sight indeed - a hairy wet whale eating his daughter's snack food - how ironic)SIGH!  Disappointing to say the least.

That night I was in bed by 8:39 PM and asleep by 8:41 PM.  Meh.  Tomorrow would be another day I told myself.

Tomorrow (Sunday) was another day.  Another day of not being on the trainer.  Phooey.  I opted out of riding by justifying I got some exercise after work by shoveling the drive-way after the big dump of snow, freezing rain and rain that we got overnight on Saturday.  Again, failure to follow through with my plan, my intention.  Success at justifying not exercising.  Total FAIL.

Alas, I've learned it is futile, at least for me, to plan. 

Despite my failed attempt to complete seven rides in a row on the bike inside in the depths of my cold dark basement, I did manage to ride Monday and again Tuesday.  Two structured rides, each over an hour (yet, under two) long.  Four days of riding out of six is better than nothing.

Intentions are sometimes difficult to follow through on and it is easy to give up and justify an easier softer way.  However, action is THE way.


Sandro said...

4 days out of 6 is not bad. ;)

Ben said...

I think, quoted, Vonnegut, "So it goes..." I wouldn't sweat the small stuff...