Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Best Intentions

 Are we judged on our intentions or our actions?

Unless we walk around mumbling our thoughts out-loud for the world to hear, then obviously we are going to be judged by what we do.  Our inner thoughts protect us from criticism and judgement.  It's taken me a long time to learn that . . . to sometimes keep my mouth shut . . . that's hard to do with your foot often inside of it.  However . . . .

. . . last week I almost put up a post on my intention to ride for seven straight days on the trainer (ummmm, if I am telling you all of this after the fact am I still going to be judged??).  My annual pilgrimage to North Carolina is less than a month away and I am nowhere near being cycling-fit-and-ready.  Just like my school days before mid-terms I figured cramming as a result of mismanaged time would have to do.  My goal was not only to attempt to get my fitness somewhat closer to being acceptable for an early Spring trip to NC, but also drop a few pounds in three or four short weeks so climbing those long, steady climbs might be easier too.  Goals too lofty and out of reach?  Perhaps.  But I was determined. 

I began earnestly last Thursday with a mixed one hour training session - some endurance work, a few sprints, some temp mixed with some LT zone and even some one legged spins.  Success - day one down.  The next day my arse was feeling a bit sore and I was feeling a bit lazy, alas, I got on the bike and put in only forty minutes of endurance work.  Not quite as long as I would have liked, but still a success. 

Day Three tomorrow . . . .