Monday, March 21, 2011

Country roads, deer and hairless men

I managed to get two rides in this past weekend. One indoors, the other out-of-doors. The 'plan' was to get out both days, but I found myself sitting in front of the computer Saturday morning watching the Milan-San Remo race - it was pretty exciting and I couldn't peel myself away to suit up for a ride.  When it was all said and done with Goss just beating Cancellara at the line by about a half of a bike length I had enough time before work to jump on the trainer for a short 45 minute spin. 

 My time management skills were not working well the past few days, so I ended up with a small window before work on Sunday afternoon.  Despite cooler temperatures I headed south out of town towards the flat country roads to get a two and a half hour ride in.  The roads were bare and dry - I don't think I even rode through one puddle.  As expected, with open stretches and lower elevation, there is much less snow south of the city than up in the Gats. 

Oh deer me.  Deer in a farmer's field eating left over corn bits.
Roads were moderately quiet, except for River Rd and the stretch near the airport - not one honk, curse, swerve or rev'd engine towards me the entire ride. And I had them pretty much to myself as I only saw two other cyclists out and about.

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