Tuesday, March 22, 2011


After my review last October of my Misfit diSSent Fe Peter suggested that I ride an ALC for comparison sake and back to back review.  Why not.  I love my steel diSSent, but it might be nice to try the aluminum one too.  To be honest, I have not ridden an aluminum frame since my last full suspension bike.  I am curious how it will compare to the steel and if I will like it as much or more . . . or less?

I was able to distract the crazy cat lady long enough from her longing stare into Gizmo's eyes to get the frame, bid my adieu, hi-tail it to Tall Tree Cycles to knock out the headset of Pinky and press it into the new frame.
The Vegan Vagabond was in the Big Smoke last week and swung by the empire for a visit and was able to pick up the frame for me to try out.  Yesterday, when she met me at her door she was holding a frame wrapped in bubble wrap, but I could make out it's distinct colour - black with . . .
"What's that?  s that . . . gold?!?!?  F*ck me!  That's fugly!!! "
Cheesy ugly gold and black.  Yuk.

What made the whole thing worse was VV informed me that her diSSent had recently been upgraded with pink decals.  WTF!?!?! 

My beautiful pink diSSent will be on the sidelines for a wee bit while I test out it's aluminum version.
Gold is for fat guys who wear speedos, lay on the beach tanning by day and are into the swinger's scene by night.

I love paragon sliders and was doubting the Misfit version, but they don't look half bad - no stopping screw/tensioner bit to fiddle with either.
  All built up . . . but something is missing.  Can you spot it?
The steel tubing is slightly smaller than the aluminum, by 2mm.  Need to find a 32 mm seat-clamp to finish the build off.
Pfffffft, gold . . . .
 The new frame will get it's maiden voyage in about a week and a half or so when I head to North Carolina (who wants to come?).  I am going to beat the shit out of this frame out of spite for the ugly gold lettering and lack of pink lettering.  Dicky get's a complete custom build and I can't even get pink decals???

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The Vegan Vagabond said...

Can I have that pink seat collar since you aren't using it? it will go nicely with my new decals!