Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Erectile dysfunction and Carbon Players

Is that bent up or down?  Maybe I'm wrong and it's not limp.
Jessica Alba has been talking about erectile dysfunciton as of late, so it got me thinking . . .  what happens when your favourite evil-run bicycle company's steel goes all limp and wrinkled like an aged penis ?  You look else where for exotic material that can be shaped and formed into any position possible. 

Kona's King Kahuna
If you're contemplating entering the mad light (and stiffy) world of carbon, you've got two more carbon hardtail 29'ers to choose from.  I've never ridden a carbon mtn bike . . . ever . . . so, my two cents is really worth about 40.50 Malagasy Ariaries. 

Santa Cruz Highball

I refuse to jump on the carbon bandwagon (which by the way is actually made of 2x6 and an assortment of other pressed wood products and completely free of carbon - go figure).  I crash far too often and know that after a half dozen rides a carbon frame would be reduced to carbon thread and tears.  I stay loyal to my poison and look to the future for swoopy, schexy curved steel top tube. 

* Lame post?  Yes.  Poached from elsewhere and elsewhere?  Yes.  But I got nothing today.  Nothing.


Kark said...

The two tubes on the right (if not all of them) look like they perhaps should have been packed with wet sand prior to attempting the bend.


but who cares. That Santa Cruz is bitchin!
2.5lb frame!
..My inner weight weenie just broke out into song!

the original big ring said...

at $1899 for the frame . . . fugg me . . . better be filled with helium.

Disco Stu said...

Just don't crash so often!!

Papa G said...

My Mamasita has a very schexy carbon rear end! And,... a happy birth to you Big Ring!

the original big ring said...

Thanks Gilles!