Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Angry Big Ring

I am the big fat red bird in Angry Birds.
 Today is a sort of a day for reflection . . . you see, it's my birthday today.  Maybe as you get older and as your time left on the planet decreases you contemplate where you've been and where you're going.  My first years as a kid were child-like and set me up for the disappointment, rebellion and confusion in my adolescent years (pretty normal).  My 20's were a time for searching for myself.  And so far my 30's have been a time for discovering who I am.  Maybe my 40's will be a time for acceptance . . . maybe. 

Over the years I think that I've grown mentally (a bit) and matured (a bit less).  Despite the growth I still suffer from character defects.  I've always had a quick temper usually brought on by tantrums when I don't get my way.  My two year old is now teaching me great lessons on how to deal with life on life's terms and/or how to throw a wicked tantrum.

What's all this self-reflection, gushy crap got to do with biking?  If you're a regular reader you'll be quite aware of the battle I've waged over my weight, specifically to get my weight down to make me go faster on the bike.  This journey of self discovery and acceptance of my body type has had its share of roller coaster rides and late night trips to the peanut butter jar.   

I weighed myself last week, hoping to see a few pounds lost so to make the long sustained climbs that I'll be doing in North Carolina next week a bit easier.  Alas, my weight didn't drop, but actually increased by about a pound (197 lbs) . . . . and over the past couple weeks I had been trying to eat well and was riding!  I completely expected to see a drop in weight.

It pissed me off.  It really pissed me off.  So much so that I kind of jumped in anger while standing on the scale when it told me something I didn't want to hear.  It was unintentional, it wasn't to destroy it, it was kind of like a little kid buckling their knees in disappointment before they rebound back into the air in full arm and leg flailing tantrum.  Yep, it was kind of like that.  
Success!  From now on, no matter what and how much I eat, I'll always weigh 2 lbs.
After unclenching my teeth and fists I was able to compose myself, breath and tell myself, "I'm good enough, I'm smrt enough and doggoneit, people like me."  As I re-opened my eyes after my personal affirmation and look down I see 2 lbs.  WTF?

I didn't break the scale, I just fixed it.


Sandro said...

Happy b-day craig.
Positive note: in your 40's you start to gain weight without eating more ;)

The Evil MGE! said...

Happy Birthday Big Ring!!! Accept your a bear and then become the fastest bear you can be. Big guys who can go fast inpress. Just ask Beefcake, Lubes or me. I guess I'm fast sometimes.
I saw my doc yesterday who gave me a Glucose meter. Says my body is doing what it should but I don't eat enough and I go hypo hypoglycemic. He says diabetes is not the problem,my body handles it sugars well, its the fact that I'm a 200 + lb dude trying to maintain a fast pace on no fuel. My doc rides with me sometimes so he sees what I do to kill myself. Main Point. Eat well, carb load. Apparently we're not Dicky skinny, never will be. Accept it and become the faster Pooh Bear you can.


The Goat!

Philly Phoodie said...

2 lbs! That's great. You will have all the weight weenies green with envy. Now go eat something greasy.

A. Webster said...

Happy Birthday Craig! Chuck that damn scale out and have some cake. Mmmmmm, cake :-)

Unknown said...

LOL... 2 pounds, neat trick!

Skinny people aren't always fast, take me as a prime example...

More importantly - Happy Birthday Big Old Ring!!

Anonymous said...

Big Ring Happy Birzday Dude!

Don't worry about your weight, eat some cake, be happy and............
Just. Ride. Your. Bike. Dumbass!

Robbie from Oz

the original big ring said...

Sank you, sank you very much everyone for the birthday wishes and words of encouragement. You all are the wind beneath my fat wings.


Anonymous said...

hey buddy,

long time. I had a scale that I used to obsess over last year, every morning. it had been the staple thing to use, same time, same ceramic tile, every day...

then I got sick of it. in fact I realized it was actually 5lbs off, and not to my benefit.

so I threw it out. I can emphatically say, I love not getting on the scale, or caring about it anymore. if your pants fit, you feel fit, and you are a happy guy, who cares.

hope you are well!

see you at Roubaix on Saturday????