Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sat & Sun Mtn Bike Driving

Saturday's long'ish mtn bike ride with a couple breaks thrown in.  My riding, as blogging of late, has taken a laissez-faire approach.  Life continues to be very busy and I don't need the hassle of 'training' and writing blog posts.  It'll get done if/when it gets done.  'Training' . . . pfffft.  Riding is where it's at.

Gatineau - Wakefield loop is not complete without a stop at the bakery.
Simon and Curvy Butt . . . so many choices.
It didn't take long for me to decide.  One maple butter-pecan tart please.  The others are Curvy's . . . honest.

Lac Phillipe
Kingsmere (P7) to Camp Fortune, tootled around there, to O'Brien, to Wakefield, stuff our faces, to Lac Phillipe, back to O'Brien, up Fortune parkway to Camp Fortune, climb up CBC (fugg me!) and roll back to P7.  Bugs were stupid bad.
I got out for another good ride on Sunday with Curvy and Disco Stu out in the South March Highlands - first time out on the very technical, 100% goodtimes happy trails in Kanata Lakes this year.  Got bounced around like a ping pong ball, but was ubber fun.  My camera shit the bed and didn't take any photos that I thought I took.  But if I did, one might have captured Curvy's big spectacular crash when he ended up breaking his helmet in four places.


CB2 said...

Don't fix your camera!

Kark said...

LOL love the drawing!!

(thanks for not making me fat)

dicky said...

The sun seems concerned yet aloof.

Disco Stu said...

Stop taking credit for the peanut's artwork.

the original big ring said...

- it's a sad affair when my drawings gain more interest than my actual ride photos

- i couldn't adjust my 'pencil' to thick - otherwise i would have made you a fat fucker

- the sun is so high in that photo that he don't care about a thing

- The Peanut has got way more talent than me