Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Summer Solstice 2011 & B4H

Myself and some like minded folks who like to volunteer their time for a truly good cause put their legs, hearts and wallets in the right place this past weekend and rode for 24 hours to raise awareness for Bicycles For Humanity, raise some funds to help pay for the shipping container to cross the Atlantic and have some fun to boot.

When not riding we were manning/womanning the B4H booth - Mark (man) and Lily (woman).
Hot seller - little, cute, wire bikes that were handmade by some artisans in the villages who would be receiving bikes that we send over.
Working the booth, eating, prep'ing and cleaning bikes, trying to stay dry and riding .  .  .

Curvy Butt took lap one.  Check out Mark (Misfit Psycles) just behind him.
Bad ass stash and Go Pro on lap number two for me.  Stay tuned tomorrow or the next for the video I shot.
Vegan Vagabond
While some rode, others sat on their arses.
I did my share of sitting (and shitting) myself.  Upset belly and communal cooking/camping go hand-in-hand. 
The big guy did actually ride his bike . . . for most of the race.

Was nice to catch up with Mark and Kim at the race.  Kim, 5.5 months pregnant, did two laps on a ten person team - what a freak!  And she rode them in like an hour and nine minutes on a rigid single speed.  Kid is going to come out with legs spinning.
Most of the B4H team post race.  Special thanks to Gilles and Kari for pulling us together and Gilles for all the great photos.

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