Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Lacking Shelf Life & the F*cking "F" Bomb

This blog is coming close to the end of it's shelf life.  You might say it's well past it's best before date.

Milk beyond it's due date tastes bad - the same holds true for blogs.  We buy our milk in bags and it's the first time I've ever noticed that there is a mtn biker on it.

With lack of racing, lack of reviews, lack of readership and followers, lack of commentators/insulters, lack of sponsorship, lack of entertainment, and so on . . . . it goes without saying that this blog is lacking.  With less time than ever before and less energy and enthusiasm for writing I've decided to pull the plug on the life-support (one or two posts a week) that the original big ring blog has been kept alive on the past number of months.  I'm saying fuck it.

Recent attempts at making this blog more appealing have failed, ie. videos.  I haven't had a follower in months.  No one comments anymore.  My stats (which I hardly ever look at) are down.  All signs point to 'what's the point'?  This has turned more in to a riding diary, not there is anything wrong with that, but for all intents and purposes that's not what I set out to do.  My intent was to get free stuff and have people tell me how great I am.  That's not happening anymore, so phooey - I'm taking my blog and going home.  Fuck it.

So, my 'pull the plug' date is the end of October.  That will afford me time to do one more review of the diSSent ALC, document two more races, and share with you my trip to Colorado riding with Goat, Curvy Butt and a cameo by a superstar (yet to be named for secrecy purposes).  Still lots of mediocre blogging, uninteresting photos, and some video to come over the next few months.  Drink it all in my friends, drink it all in - cause when it's done, it's done.  Fuck it all.

Oh, comment moderation is "off", so have at it - I don't fucking care what anyone says anymore.  Even that re-tard Rainman (a.k.a. Jeff) can type whatever he wants . . . and so can you.  Whoot.  Fuck. It. All. To. Hell.

P.s.  something has been bugging me . . . not one fucking comment on my last video!?! WTF?  Did you see that shit?  I totally rocked it out and dressed up and shit and edited the fuck out of it!  And not one fucking comment!?!?!  Fuck. 


Sandro said...

Finally.... ;)

Sandro said...

Btw , I really liked your last video, but I was just to fucking lazy to post a comment.

Sandro "The Belgian fan" and alot of others will miss you on the internetz

Disco Stu said...

I think I have an old mouldy camelback bladder you can have...that counts as free shit.

Scot said...

The Internet sucks and I hate it. One less thing for me to read is a good thing. Thank you! Let's ride our bikes and turn off all this bullshit.

the original big ring said...

Sandro - I love the Belgians.

Stu - hey Gimp, don't you have a bike that I could be riding since you're not?!

Scot - you said it brother. One less thing to do definitely frees up more time.

cheers fellas!

CB2 said...

You should have put "It's not you, it's me" in there somewhere.

rick is! said...

No comments? I commented yesterday fucker

Anonymous said...

Princess.............why the sad face??????

Anonymous said...

You Suck, I like your angry stories and your ride pics and your stoopid vids!

Anonymous said...

I've checked out your blog out for quite awhile to keep tabs on the Ottawa/Gat scene that I miss so much. It sucks as to how much negativity you have spiralled into. what a delusional, self-indulgent whiner you have become!! Now you've torn your 40 dollar shoes and the world comes to an end, literally at your feet! Come On!! get a check-up from the neck-up. good night & lights out.

the original big ring said...

Last Anonymous: kiss my arse.

Grow a set of balls and sign your name next time.

Suck. It.