Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Dwags

Got out early Wednesday morning before the staggering heat hit.  The Gats were quiet and I had the trails all to myself.  I felt the best I've felt on a bike in a long while.  The long miles last week and two hard interval/hill rides I did earlier in the week must have kicked me in the arse and got my legs finally feeling good.
Not long into the ride I dabbed, went to clip in and my shoe slipped off the side and got caught up.  Couldn't figure out what was happening at first.
My pedal is caught inside my shoe!  WTF?!?!
My Shimano MO86's tore near the outside of the ball of my left foot and back along the sole past the middle of the shoe.  At first I thought it was where the leather upper met with the rubber lower, however, it was right in the rubber sole that broke and split away. 
My first pair of Shimanos and the MO86's - which are my second pair of Shimano mtn bike shoes and have thus far been my favourite of the many cycling shoes I have ever owned.   Looks like I'll have to use my heavier, older Shimanos.  I love the Shimanos - they're stiff, light and fit great.  The rubber is soft enough to offer lots of grip on rocks (which may have been their downfall). 

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