Monday, August 29, 2011

Hot August Nights 2011

I'll write nothing about this year's Chico Racing Hot August Nights 24 Hr Race other than this:  I had fun, I was slow, I ate chips, I was abnormally tired from a long two weeks of night shift, and I won a water bottle by pushing over a child.
Worked all night Thursday, got home at 7:30 AM, hit the hay for four hours, then Richard picked me up to drive five hours to the race.
Cookie, cookie, cookie starts with "C".
The only shot of the entire race course.  I've always wanted to stop and take a photo of this overlook, so I did - but on my pre-lap so that I wouldn't lose precious seconds in completing an average lap time for a non-professional, late 30's, over weight, recreational mountain biker.  Time is of the essence.
Curvy Butt looked a little worse for wear.
Declan's first 24 Hr race and he smoked the kids field.  His old man hopped him up on EPO, freezies and marshmallows right before the big event.
What a champ!
Camp life.
Gohardlongman in the morning eating some Chico-McMuffins.
For the love of Gwad!  Rick has a bladder the size of a walnut - we stopped every 30 minutes on the way home so that he could take a whiz on the side of the highway.
My apologies for my seven other teammates who I did not manage to snap a photo of - laziness, lack of motivation and my dislike for you kept me shooting more.  That is all. 


Sandro said...

Congratz with your 5th place ;)

CB2 said...

7 other team mates? What were you playing baseball?