Thursday, September 1, 2011

Two Rides

Since Hot August Nights I've gotten out for two very different rides.  The first on Wednesday afternoon was a solo 110 km road/gravel ride at a moderate pace.  Got to up the miles for a trip down south to higher elevations in less than a month. 
Mt Cascade loop counter clockwise from Ottawa - that way you get to bomb down the 18% hill instead of climbing it.
With names like Chamonix and Matterhorn you can expect a little climbing on the Quebec side.

Water bottle fill up at the spring in Wakefield.

There's a reason there is a church built on the side of the hill on Chemin Saint Clement.......if you die trying on it's steep climb, at least you're close to last rites.  It ain't 'that' bad - short and pitchy though!
Cross Loop Rd is getting lots of construction on the 105 end with the new section of highway and overpass - still all rideable though.

 The second ride, Thursday afternoon, was a much shorter, albiet MUCH more technical ride on the mountain bike out in South March Highlands with Fritz and Ted. 

Check out Fritz's Fat Back!  Holy frigg'n cow!  I got a chance to ride it on the rocky, rooty, techy trail and it was un-freak'in-be-lievable.  I have to have one.  Snow bikes in Ottawa have gained huge popularity over the past year or so.  No surprise, we're buried in snow almost 5-6 months of the year. 
Weekends ride include:  riding to work, riding home from work, riding to work, riding home from work, riding to work, and riding home from work.  Monday, long miles with Curvy Butt planned.

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