Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Busy Frigg'n Cycling Weekend

 You a don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure out this post . . . it was a busy frigg'in weekend of cycling.  Friday I got out with Curvy, Scott and timid Tim for a easy peasy fun ride out in South March Highlands on the mtn bikes.  It was a good ride to loosen the legs for Saturday.

Saturday was a 200 km, there and back, ride to Westport.  It was a mostly flat, gentle rolling landscape with a few hills 10 km or so before and around Westport.  It was my longest ride of the year and much needed to prep the legs for the long days of riding to come down in Colorado at the end of the month.
A stop at world famous Schwartz's Deli made up for the depleted calories of the long ride on Saturday.  On Sunday Curvy, Declan, Chrissie, The Peanut and I cruised into Belle de Provence to take in the Montreal Grand Prix - before the race we had smoked meat sandwiches, fries, dill pickles, coleslaw and cherry coke.
The Peanut and Schwartz's.

Curvy used my camera all day as he forgot his at home while I filmed on the GoPro.  Downloaded all the photos Sunday night and I see this - Devil with the blue dress on.  Ahhh, to be young and single again.
Looky look who I met at the race.  Any ideas?
Closing on the peak on Mont Royal.
Curvy strikes again.
There was a strong contingent of Ottawa folks at the race (and why not when Montreal is only like 2 hours away).  We ran into Matt near the top of the Mount Royal climb.  Matt is either describing the fish that he caught on a recent fishing expedition or gesturing that my belly (in the forefront) is getting way out of proportion to the rest of my body.
The chase picks up on the last lap.
Chrissie was a super trooper looking after the wee ones while Curvy and I were off snapping photos and taking in the race.


Anonymous said...

ahhhh yes... montreal.


CB2 said...

Curvy needs to borrow your camera more.