Thursday, September 15, 2011

More on Montreal

Dude has been crushing it.
Gilbert is the man. What a phenominal season he has been having. It was a definite highlight seeing him. He flatted, crashed and still managed to come in third on the day after a late sprint to bridge the gap at the finish. Montreal Gazette Article.

If you said Jonathan Vaughters, current team manager for pro-cycling team Garmin-Cervelo, from the other day's question, "Looky look who I met at the race?", you'd be correct.
I spotted Vaughters sitting alone on the barricades about halfway up the Mount Royal climb.  After some hesitation I went over and introduced myself, shook his hand and had a little chat.  He was friendly and did not seem put out by my approach.  I was actually surprised that he didn't approach me first.  I mean, come on, I'm the original big ring.  Pffffffft.  Curvy managed to catch our interaction on film in between shooting photos of hotties on the hill.
I got a bunch of video of the race but am too lazy to down load it or up load it or edit all of it.  Here's one clip of the fourth last lap as the leaders and chasing peleton near the peak of Mont Royal. 


Sandro said...

2 Years ago during the winter I saw him training. We where about to start our ride around 7h30am (-3c)(a sunday) when we saw him. You need to know that he lives +-60km from my place...
That guy is known to live on and for his bike.


the original big ring said...

No doubt he lives on it. Was very impressed with his Quebec (city) and Montreal races. No chance of ever seeing pros riding the local roads in these parts. Cheers Sandro!