Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mtn Biking Is Fun

Two mountain bike rides on the weekend. Both with friends, two who I don't often get to ride with much anymore, both fun as hell.
South March Highlands ride with Lenny on Saturday was mellow and fun. Kanata Lakes is in great shape. 
Sunday's ride was with Curvy and King.  It was only King's sixth or so mtn bike ride of the season.  You wouldn't know it as he had no problem (unless you call puking three times a problem) keeping up on our Chelsea/Foreplay loop. The trails over in the Gats were in stellar shape.
Both days were absolutely perfect, weather wise, for riding and both were in my top five fun rides of the season.

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A. Webster said...

Glad your blog is still up and running! Happy trails, Craig :)