Wednesday, September 7, 2011


A windy day is a double edged sword - your friend on the way out of town, your mortal foe on the way back in.  Curvy Butt and I put down around 110'ish kms on Labour Day.
I thought that we would only be labouring for half the ride (coming north back into town), however with the wind at our backs heading south it was too much fun to push the speed up.  For a long slow distance ride, the tempo was more around a "moderate" pace throughout the ride.
Early September seems too early to have a grey cool Fall day, but that's what we got.
Yesterday was not nearly as windy, but it was crisp with a northerly blowing into the valley.
70 kms Tuesday morning.  I'm cramming in the miles and working on the conditioning to get ready for my new annual pilgrimage to Colorado.

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