Saturday, November 19, 2011

Update and I've found my Mo

Life has been busy.  If I am not at work, I am working in the house.  Two bedrooms completely done and I've begun another with a huge fireplace job looming in the not so distant future.  I did find time to do something bike related though - got my work/waxing/bike bench built.  Haven't put up my tool board yet or sorted out where everything is going, but the big part is done. 
I also created a manageable and space saving bike storage area in the workshop as well.  Two hooks on the end?  Future purchases perhaps. . .
I'm so fugging sick of painting. I did manage to get out for a road ride last week.  26 km along Ottawa's bike paths.  It may as well have been 100 by the way I felt.  Why is it it takes so long to get fitness, but you lose it so fast!?!  Same with weight . . . I've already put on my winter insulation.
Puppies!  Two weeks and Churchill comes home.  A litter of ten, four our males, one is ours and we have second pick. This is one of the reasons I've been working like a madman - so the house is ready to go and so that I'll have more time to spend with him and training.
I've been dealing with and trying to heal some injuries that have occurred, none bike related . . . cause, I haven't been riding. I've got pulled/strained left ankle ligaments and tendons from a roll over that happened while playing ball hockey.  I have a pulled left outer bicep head - an old nagging injury that has reoccurred.  And I have a broken small bone in my right wrist which was a result of a work injury.  I thought the Fall was a time to take time away from the bike to allow it to heal. Fak.

Last year's Movember stash.
This year's.  So far I've raised $250 in support of men's health, specifically prostate cancer.  I'm particularly interested in supporting this cause as it is dear to my heart.  My Dad had prostate cancer which he beat, but ended up losing the battle to cancer later on down the road.  Please help me raise more money by visiting my donation page.  And a huge THANK YOU to all of you who have donated already.  By the way, Canada is kicking arse in money raised globally for men's health.  Whoot!

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Disco Stu said...

Funny, I just spent the weekend painting.
So where's your new place?