Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fat is where it's at

Messy winter storm on Sunday/Monday made for some sch-weet riding conditions on yesterday.  Though the trails were hardly used, from what I could tell sometime early Monday, the crunchy snow was no match for the monster tires.  There was some 'trail breaking' but it wasn't terribly difficult at all.

Thanks Fritz for the lend of these Lake winter riding boots.  Big improvement over my regular mtn bike shoes, layered with old wool socks with the bottom cut out for the cleat and neoprene bootie over top. 
I rode for a little more than an hour and a half in -17 C without them getting cold.

Not used to packing for winter riding - had to go sans helmet as I forgot to load it into the bin in my rush to get out the door.

Went off the trail a wee bit on an approach to a little climb and crashed.
Almost got skewered through the left hamstring when I fell on-top of this buried beaver punji stick.

Took Pete's Wicked to what was formally known as the beginning of Outback.  Trails were bloody fantastic.  With all the new developments out in the SMH I am not 100% certain what it's called anymore.  Either way it was rideable and gwad awful fun to ride. 

Shield.  Not much wildlife today . . . three or four deer on the trail, a few hikers who didn't hear be coming up behind them (which totally astounds me with the crunchy snow and rolling fatties).

Speaking of wildlife . . . Robbie, a devoted "Follower" of this blog from Down Under saw my porcupine and raised me an enchilada.
Whoops, rather an ECHIDNA.  I wonder if it tastes as good as an enchilada? Probably less filling but mores spiky.

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Anonymous said...

Always thinkin of ya belly!

Disco Stu said...

Good to see the posts are still coming (ya I know, I've been slackin'). Gonna try a fat bike next saturday...

Anonymous said...

Your name is now officially the OriginalBigFatty