Sunday, January 15, 2012

Freezing Cold Fun

Project "GOYFAGORTW", which could also include "Getting off my ass in a general way", hit the ground running skiing and biking this weekend.

Saturday:  Classic XC Ski with Curvy Butt and Declan -

"Declan!  Stop your whinning.  Freezing temperatures builds character."  Frigid afternoon temperatures had us starting at about 2pm in - 28 C.  P10 up the Fortune Parkway to Huron.  Beauty day out!
New dump of snow and excellent grooming made the track set pristine.

Huron Shelter.

Doh!  A deer . . . a female deer. About five of them actually feeding outside the cabin at the birdfeeder picking up the spill over from the Chickadees and Jays.

Sunday: Fatbike Ride with Fritz -

Scheduling conflicts had us start early at 9 am with -31 C temperatures out in the South March Highlands.  Frig-gin cold!

Fritz's Fatback and my Mukluk on Pete's Wicked.  Second ride on the Mukluk - got out Thursday night during the dumping we got in and around my neighborhood.  Man, what a work out - between the resistance of the tires and the snow, you work like a pig dog, but so much fun! You should buy one two.  Huge thanks to Kent and Dave at Phat Moose for hooking me up!

Fatties for a fatty.

Fritz nailed the apparel with a ski helmet and goggles.  My feet got pretty cold wearing cycling shoes, a pair of old wool socks with the bottoms cut out around the cleat and a pair of neoprene booties over top.  The old just come through the bottom of the shoe via the metal cleat. 

Despite the frigid temps I remained warm - and why wouldn't I ?  You work hard.  But what's not to love - you're outside, on single track, getting a workout in and it's fun as hell.  I'm glad I sold the trainer and am not sitting in my basement watching TV going nowhere fast.

This porcupine that we passed didn't seem to mind the temperatures or us. 

Me on M-Line.
 This winter is going to be so much more fun with the addition of the fatbike.  Whoot - bring on the snow mutha fuggas. 
Nothing better than a bubble bath, baguette sandwich and a coke after an early morning winter ride.


cornfed said...

damn. So jealous of the fatbike. Lucky fatbastard. Enjoy!!!

Kim said...

Winter shoes.

The Exustars at MEC are pretty cheap.

P.S. Glad the blog is still going.

P.P.S. Can we have some of your snow? The Christmas snowshoes are gathering dust.

Anonymous said...

Those are realy nice bikes. Too bad, no snow over here (sucks).