Thursday, February 23, 2012

Dog & Schwag

Training has begun.  Not to build cardio, not to lose weight, not to get stronger . . . all things that I probably *should* be working on.  However, training for Churchill has begun.  Getting him used to being around the bike, not getting under the bike and following along.

First lesson a success.  This guy has got legs and energy to burn - can't wait to get him on the trails with me.

Wag Schwag!I sent back a pair of shoes to Shimano for warranty purposes.  Long story short, warranty was way over the limit, they couldn't replace them, but enjoyed my handwritten letter (I have excellent cursive writing) . . . so, sent me some tid bits back for my efforts.  Thanks Phil at Shimano Canada (uber cool customer service!!).  However, I have too many bottles, bells and hats (that's an XTR b-ball hat by the way), so I am donating them to Grant's loot bag for the final Low Pressure Production race of the year.  I'm sure there will be other coolio prizes for coming out to race so make sure you turn up!

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