Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat-tastic Ride

There's climbing in them thar hills.

Marsh near Lac Brown.  White bars?  Yep, they were in the schwag bag we got back in 2008 from the BC Bike Race.  Keeping the fat bike build as economically affordable as possible I ended up putting as many 'spare parts' on it that I had in the workshop.  Normally much too high rise for my liking, but with the stem flipped and a negative rise and the right amount of spacers I've managed to have a comfy ride position.

Ice Fishing.

*Photo tip of the day*: when creating a panorama image in Photoshop, wait to fuck with the sky after you've merged all the photos, not before.

That's the problem with riding alone, there's never anyone to push me on the 'ol rope swing.  That's the price you pay when you're really slow and nobody likes you.

Only came across one axe wielding maniac on the trail . . . and some snowshoers.

Mmmm, left-over cold pizza.  If I had more time I would have started a fire in the pit to heat my lunch.
Shhhhhhh!  Don't tell no body where I rode!  Freak'n best snow ride of the season for me.  Trails were amazing.  Lots of climbing paid back with lots of twisty, swoopy downs.

Thought that I snapped a chain near the end of my ride when I heard a crunch and my pedal stroke slammed my nads into the top tube.  Nope.  Worse. 

I did a scan from above of the P15 parking lot searching for the No Compassion for Cyclist (NCC) cops before dropping back to Cross Loop Rd. Rumor has it some fat cyclists got busted Monday (on Family Day of all days!) out near P19. 

Now you know why they call me 'big ring'.  Pfffft. 


CB2 said...

Is a negative rise stem with riser bars the new black?

At first I thought there might have been a pizza shack out on the ski trails.

Anonymous said...

Cool Pics! Love your work!

Bigger Dummy said...

Yes, it was absolutely great out there. I rode from P15 solo on Sunday, middle of the day. Rode out the 70 to Healey cabin, had a bite, then headed back and hit the loop of 71. Came back out along the open meadows to the parking lot. All the snowshoers were very nice and cool, no one gave me any grief.

Monday we started at P19 and rode 74, then 73 around Lac Philippe. We had NCC waiting for us at our cars at the end of the ride. But ya know what...it was the BEST DAY EVER so I can live with getting popped.

the original big ring said...

Charlie - I am the hippest and on the leading edge of trends don't you know.

Anon - cheers!

BD - wicked. That 71 loop is tons of fun. Some steep pitches in there too. Heard from another buddy that NCC laid down $300 worth of fines on a husband/wife pair out for a ride on Sunday. Brutal!

Bigger Dummy said...

Well, we had five in our ride on Monday, including a married couple on regular MTB's. The NCC guy recognized her from busting her in the fall so she is getting a ticket as he told her "we have a file on you" I think the rest of us are getting off with a warning but who knows. Apparently they act like its a warning and then mail a ticket later. I hope to work with OMBA to petition the NCC for winter access to the trails on a pilot basis for snowbikes. We'll see how it goes.

the original big ring said...

I'd love to work with you and OMBA (I used to be on the executive) on that too. No reason we can't be on the trails in the winter as there is absolutely no impact on the trails. Keep me posted on any plans.