Saturday, March 17, 2012

Low Pressure Productions Finale

 Snapped only two photos from last Saturday night's Low Pressure Productions race - not very many considering I was there for five to help set up and mark the course.  With a shotgun start (not really, Grant yelled "Go!") for eight I was a little worried as I stood around the fire trying to keep warm with only a few riders in attendance.  However, my worries were put to rest as every race in the series started late, and riders began to appear in the woods.  

Who needs number plates?  I was "Sweet Pea".  Pie plate number plates - love it.  I suggested to Grant for next time that every rider must eat an entire pie first, off the plate, before beginning the race (fuck the Lemans start!) then stick their prescribed plate on their bars before they could go.  I am sure I'd take the 'hole shot' from those skinny wee racer boys. It is my goal to find a race that involves eating copious amounts of food prior to the beginning of a race to get a leg up on the competition.
Alas, the race did start - though I was hoping it would turn into a hot dog eating contest (again with the food) as Grant had enough dogs for post-race festivities to feed a small army.  I figure there was no way I'd be taking anywhere near first place in the race with some very fast riders in attendance . . . a hot dog eating contest - pfffffft, I'd be hands down the winner. 

Anywho, the race . . . . good times.  We raced three laps of a prescribed course.  A few sections got pretty slick by the third lap.  After the race we stood around the fire and caught up with old friends.  Good times.  I look forward to future events, however, it may be the last snow event for the season as warm temperatures and rain are making quick work of beating down the white stuff. 

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