Saturday, March 10, 2012

Post Holing, Cookies and The Peanut

Lovely, beautiful day here in Ottawa and on the other side of the river.  Was expecting it'd be a bit cooler with firmer conditions despite crazy warm temperatures, rain and wind the past couple of days.  However, even with packed down snowshoe trails, if you veered off course you'd sink to your knee....sometimes your waist. 

Curvy Butt demonstrated some crazy contortionist, Cirque de Soleil moves crossing over a stream to avoid getting wet feet.  We weren't ten minutes into the ride before I had two soakers.  Thank Gwad (and sheep) for merino wool.

Go off course, the slightest-eensiest-teensiest bit, and you were going over the bars or coming to a screaming halt.

She's a dirty girl - the first bit of mud to get on the Mukluk . . . ironic really . . . . Muk (muck).  To avoid a death march of post holing across a farmers field we elected to cut the ride short and take the road back.  The dirt road was soft and mushy but you wouldn't know it as the fat tires floated across with ease.  With the annual pilgrimage to North Carolina about a month away (who's coming?) a gravel road fatbike grinder epic might be in-store. 
Going to have to get the bike cleaned for tomorrow's race.  
You going?  You should.  
Party afterwards.
Nothing like returning home from a ride to find warm oatmeal-walnut-banana-chocolate chip cookies waiting for you.  I have THE best life . . . even if I am a bit portly.

Me and The Peanut dug in.



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