Thursday, March 22, 2012

Panorama and White

Ottawa River ice covered - from Monday's road ride.

Monday's ride afforded me the opportunity to check out Lenny's new fatbike.  He's jumped on the fatbike bandwagon too . . . and why not?  It's a hoot and a half riding in the snow and opens up a totally new riding season with very different trail conditions.
Is white the new black?  WTF!?! Is everyone getting white bikes?  Dicky's new by:Stickel is ubber schexy.
I need a new bike too, but it won't be white.  Buy my shit so that I can buy a new bike. 


CB2 said...

Is there supposed to be a link to all the OBR memorabilia for sale?
Not that I'm buying even if it is you that's selling.

pv said...

That X9 combo is tempting...dood I gotta make some calls. Peeps owe me. Eeek! I want.

Rest of them goodies is too big fer me.I ride lil wheels/frames.

That stuff's too nice not to move FAST. Hang in there mate!

the original big ring said...

Charlie - oppps, link is up! You coming to NC or what!!?!?! Leaving April 8th.

PV - let me know brother - kit is sweeeet!

Cheers fellas!