Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A skinny, a fat and a skinny ride

Curvy Butt and I did a Manotick road loop Saturday afternoon in mild temperatures and zero wind. No photos of the ride so our route will have to do.  A little over 70 kms left early Spring legs feeling a bit tuckered. Not huge miles, but when all you're doing over the course of a winter are 10-18 km fatbike rides . . .well, the endurance conditioning goes out the window.
Sunday it was plus twenty four degress celcius!  That's ten degrees higher than the record in the Ottawa area for March 18th ever. Melting snow meant the chance of drier, snow free trails south of Ottawa in the Limerick Forest.  The beauty day didn't disappoint.  Lots of dry fun trails to be had, but also some hard ice pack still on the trails covered in an inch or two of water.  We got wet and muddy, but it was fun. 

It was also my first dirt ride on the fatbike.  Whoot!  What a blast. Fritz was on his too while Curvy Butt and Peter rode regular mtn bikes.
Do my fingers smell like ass?  Monday afternoon - another freak'in blazing warm day.  Got out for a nice West Carelton road loop with Lenny.  No he's not digging around his jersey for a bar, but is scratching his skinny old man butt as we climb up and over the Carp Escarpment.

We got down to the Ottawa River .  I snapped this shot for two reasons: one being to show the ice still on the river.  What's the other reason?

Fog rolling off the ice on the Ottawa River caused by the warm temperatures.  Plus freak'in 24 degrees !


Disco Stu said...

You photoshopped your name on the street sign. Now gimme a prize!

pv said...

".....smooooke on the waaater and fire in the sky"......

24*C? What's that in normal degrees...hmmm...lemme dig out my conversion tables, carry the 6, and...ooof. That's not right.


the original big ring said...

Stu - no photoshop, just a city employee who used good taste in naming a road. You're surfing the net, but are you riding your bike? Injury all healed up?

PV - normal temperature in March is usually anywhere between - 10 and + 12. Wacky global warming this year. Check my blog entries at this time last year - heaps of snow!!

Disco Stu said...

I know you didn't use photoshop, I'm just not good at making jokes with a keyboard!

Knee is better, but I had my appendix out a month ago, so now I'm on the mend from that. Can't catch a break!