Sunday, May 6, 2012

Day VI - NC Road Trip 2012

Home for over a month since the road trip and I am still posting about it. That's either indication that I'm a lazy procrastinating sod or that not much has been happening bike related since my return. A little from coloumn A and a little from coloumn B I'm thinking.

Day VI began by meeting Dicky, Aaron and Dave out in the middle of nowhere to go ride Wilson's Creek.  I never did see a creek or Wilson, but I did manage to see lots of hills and my front tire as it was pointed up approximately 5000 ft of them (hills that is)
No creek, no Wilson seen.

The first kick to the gnads came right from where we parked and had a nine mile (yes, my Canuck readers, I said "mile") climb.  It was all on road and pointed straight up.  Just what the legs needed at the end of a week long road trip.  Aaron and Dave in the background grinding it out (but not each other).

Treacherous and precarious stream crossing on a long piece of steel.  This is the only shot of Dicky I have.  I can say he attempted to stick his weiner in Curvy Butt's mouth again though. 

"It's just a little climb, a down, another short climb . . . " and so on.  All the "it's just a little climb" bullshit really added up. 
Anywho . . . there you have it.  A weeks worth of road trip half-assed-ly presented. 

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Anonymous said...

Climb, climb, climb, climb, climb, climb, climb, climb and then climb some more. So disappointed I didn't make this trip! ;-)