Thursday, May 10, 2012

My nipples hurt - Haiku win

Damn my vanity.  When I had the Jet 9 built last year I had them use pink nipples.  They all have been breaking.  Junk.  I swapped them all at for brass, but when I did so I did not reapply new linseed oil or spoke prep and as a result they backed off ten minutes into a ride.  Left the rear wheel all noodly.  I also but a ding into the Crest - these are not built for techy, rocky, rooty trails under a 210 lb carcass. 

The Bearded One at Tall Trees built be up a new wheel with an Arch (and did a stellar job mind you!).  I've run these in the past and for me they are bomb-proof and still light.  This time with brass nipples. 

Now that I've become a Twit I spend time reading the mass amounts of crap that gets posted up.  Who cares if you're drinking a soy latte?  Every now and then you can run across a gem though.  Surly had a little contest a while back - you had to write a Haiku with the word "steel" in it.  I sent in a couple and won me some stickers!  Titz! 

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