Monday, May 14, 2012

Ride of The Damned 2012

I showed up wearing baggie shorts amongst skinny, lycra clad roadies.  I did strip the baggies off after getting shunned - I'm standing in line and no one is talking to me as I sip my coffee.  Bastards.

I had to add this photo of Rodd.  It's his photos who I poached off without permission. Maybe if I put up an image of him he won't beat me up with his long, gangly roadie arms and thrash me about with his jet black Ramone-like hair. 

The dam of 'Ride of the Damned'.
130 kms (not including the 10-12 km neutral start).  Whoot!  Good fun.  Pavement, tons of dirt and gravel roads, lush green farm fields and plenty of climbs.  We had beautiful weather, a free cookie at Pipolinka Bakery, superb feed zone support, and a kick ass bbq with draw prizes! 

In an effort to write less and be more lazy that's all I am going to say.  But you can read more about RoTD in Matt's write up here

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