Thursday, May 24, 2007

Heat, bats, packing

It's late, it's stinking hot . . . . I just got all my shite together so that I can leave tomorrow for the race. I'm crashing at Matt's place tomorrow night then we're getting up early to head to the race. Looks like I got all my stuff in order.

I'm beat. Long day. Got a ride in tonight with Mark over in the Gats. Kind of fun doing a night ride on the road bike. Lots of bbbbbugs! Holy cow lots of bugs. Coming back along the river bats flew on either side of me as I rode along the bike path - pretty cool.

Anywho . . . .I'm off tomorrow. Wish me luck. Will be pedaling the single speed for 8 hrs on Saturday. If I get back early enough Sunday I'll try to post some results of the race.


lenny said...

Good luck buddy...!

Stinking hot is right, I broke down and turned on the A/C at about midnight, could be a long hot summer if this keeps up.

Have fun and ride hard.

The Vegan Vagabond said...

Good Luck in the race!!

You're gonna kick ass.

Mark said...

Nice ride last night. bug-tastic nice ride!

Good luck and take it easy on your knees (as much as is possible) with that singlespeed.'ll need them knees later and for more important races than this one.