Wednesday, May 23, 2007


I've been praying to the bike Gods that my 29'er will fall into place by the weekend. My prayers have fallen on deaf ears - the Gods must be out riding.

As of yesterday, still missing shifter, bottom bracket, cranks, hubs, bar, etc. looks like I'll be riding the single speed at the Mansfield 8 hr race. Not over the moon excited about the notion. My longest training ride on the SS was this weekend and it was pretty much only a 3 hr ride. T'was a good ride and I felt strong and fine - even considering the hills in the Gats that we climbed. Oh well, it's a race and lots of experience to be had from it: new trail to me, meet new people, see some old friends, get a wicked good training ride in (lots of mileage), work out my nutrition stuff. Lots of "PROS" and only one "CON" - it's going to hurt!!!

Took yesterday and today off the bike to get things preped, food sorted out, gear packed, etc. Will get out for a short ride tomorrow, maybe a loop of the park with a few hard, short efforts thrown in to keep me honest and the legs loose. Who's in?


gwadzilla said...

what is the link for the Mansfield race?

it is an emotional let down to have the mental build up of getting a new bike and getting that new bike in time for a race


it is a bit risky

you are safer going with the dialed in Single Speed that you have already broken in

it looks like the Bicycle Gods were in fact looking out for you

you most definitely would not have wanted the Bicycle Gods to teach you a lesson about racing new gear in an 8 hour race

it would suck walking the course for what would feel like 40 days and 40 nights... feeling like Jobe

gwadzilla said...

mansfield sold out!


what capacity are you racing?


have you seen the film 24Solo?

google it
check out the trailer

buy it and watch it before this event

it is a sick film!

Craig said...

riding solo on the ss

I've hear a tonne about that movie - got to get it.