Monday, June 11, 2007

Recovery & baths

My legs didn't like the commute home this afternoon. Would have been good if I could have just spun the legs out, but 44:15 gear ratio isn't about spinning.

I did drink lots of water today, ate a little extra protein, had a real good stretch, and went for a real easy road ride tonight - spin, spin, spin . . . . easy, easy, easy. Ain't it difficult to go slow?

I've been trying real hard to work on my recovery. Last week I even attempted a cold bath - supposed to be good to you. I sit in the tub, turn the water on to the coldest setting and wait . . . . that's not so bad, ooooooo . . .it's hitting my bum, yea-ooow. . . . it's really cold. Water rises another inch . . . . . and I drained the tub. Couldn't do it - way too cold for the boys.

Will stick to the recovery rides instead.


lenny said...

Nice to have someone trying this stuff for us..., I'll try the magnesium but I'm damn glad I don't have to try the ice bath!!

matt said...

Try using epson salts in your bath. Really hot bath with it then a cool shower afterwards. Works great!!!!

Is this endurance stuff great!!!!