Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Training down the drain???????

Woke up this morning with my right gland, on my neck - near my jaw swollen and sore. I tried to tell myself all day that it wasn't happening and I could "will" it away. No such luck. Ear is aching, throat is getting sore when I swallow and am feeling achy.

I'm taking tomorrow off work to rest. I've been drinking soup and juice since I got home. I'm hoping to flush this out of my system and hopefully recover enough to race on Saturday. I'm taking echinacea, vitamin C tablets, and Cold FX . . . . anything to beat this.

What's worse is I've never had the chicken pox before and we just had a small break out of them at school a couple of weeks ago (14-21 incubation period) - I might be due!

I feel so down right now . . . . nearly six months of training . . . what are the chances and dumb luck . . . . will all my hard work go down the drain?


Anonymous said...

Cranky! No Way!

matt said...

Cold fx. 3 3 times a day, 2 3x day next day etc. You'll be fine.