Sunday, July 29, 2007

Boot in the nuts

Just got my fat arse off the couch. Nothing crushes my sense of well-being like not being able to ride my bike.

Woke up just in time to miss Mark's phone call this morning, rushed to get up up and phoned him back in my best, "I've been up for hours" voice. I didn't want to seem groggy, that I over-slept and was lacking any kind of gungho-ness for an early Sunday morning ride. I was actually looking forward to a long road ride.

My troublesome knee had other plans. Met up with Mark near a usually busy Baseline Ave. and started to head out of town. I really knew within the first fifteen minutes of leaving the house that my knee (even after having another bike fit) was no better. I ended up bailing on Mark, leaving him to do the 120km ride to his folks cottage alone. I'm such a wimp. But it hurt, it hurts now.

Ibprophin and ice don't seem to be helping. My only idea of what is going on is a repetitive motion injury that could have conceivably happened during the 24 hr race. Two last attempts at a fix are a "J" brace that I am hopefully going to be able to sport this afternoon riding the 29'er out in KL or another brace that Mary suggested.

Got to get this issue resolved quick - too much riding to be had!

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Mark said...

dude, thats hilarious! I had no idea that you actually *hadn't* been up for hours!

Sucks sucks 'stuff' that your knee is troublesome. The ride out to the cottage was awesome. Air was still or slight tail wind so was able to hold +/- 37 for most of the way.
BTW, I was mistaken on the distance. It was just a hair over 100km.

Anyway, it was an awesome ride, sorry you couldn't do it but you made the right decision to protect the knee.