Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Trooper

Rode out in SMH this afternoon with Gilles. He hasn't been on his mtn bike much lately and twas only his second ride out in Kanata Lakes this year. He got more bounced around than a . . . .What a trooper he was. I'd stop and wait and I'd hear him whistling away or "dummm deeee dummm booooty biggggy bop bop". He bit it hard once towards the end of the ride, went down like a bag of hammers, the kind of crash that leaves a mark - a big one! He got up, brushed himself off and back on the bike . . . . bee bopping away. What a trooper!

If that was me, I'd had been crying like a little girl.

*This was a great opportunity to add on the blog a Maiden picture. Thanks Gilles.


gilles said...

Thanks for putting up with me Big Ring. By the way, I love Iron Maiden; had a huge poster of their mascot Eddy in my room. Melissa won't let me put it up now!

Craig said...

I can find a place for it !!!!