Thursday, August 16, 2007

Back & Snobbery

Baby got back . . . big ol' back.

Maybe that's why my back has been sore the past few weeks - cause I'm fat. Can't seem to get rid of it (the pain, not the fat!) either. Been working at strengthening my core, doing heaps of stretching, etc. Doesn't seem to bother me too much on the bike . . . . though yesterday's loop of the park did hurt a bit.

Speaking of the park . . . . what's up with roadies?

I don't consider myself a roadie, but I do train a lot on the road and really love road riding. I guess if you didn't know me you might think I was a roadie - I dress like one when I go for rides, I've got a nice bike, I "appear" to know what I am doing. Maybe a couple things set me apart from a roadie: I'm fat, I'm slow and I always try to wave/nod to other riders that I pass.

Yesterday I passed a lot of roadies in the park. Out of all the people I went by, and there were many, I got two waves or a nod. That's it.

I can understand that you can't always acknowledge everyone you pass (often at the top of a climbI can barely keep myself upright let alone wave at someone due to the lack of oxygen I'm getting). But I was consistently ignored or just "stared" at as I passed by.

I often get the impression or sense of attitude that says, "I'm better than you. I'm faster than you. I've got a nicer bike. I am wearing a pro cycling team kit. You suck."

I'm not saying that all roadies are like this, cause they're not.
Maybe I'm reading a little more into this? Nah, when you pass as many riders as I did yesterday and get the same reaction, there's no denying a common theme of rider snobbery.

Well, I'm going to keep on waving.


gilles said...

Yep! I noticed that too. I guess some of those dudes are just too cool for me. What time were you in the Gats? I did a loop with Martin @ 6pm.


Craig said...

I was in there about the same time - left at about 6:45pm. Climbed Fortune then down Blacks.

Matt Spak said...

It happens out this way also. I think I get more waves from runners than from fellow cyclists somedays!!