Monday, August 13, 2007

Kingdom Trails V.1

It's a great weekend away when you ride 4-5 hours a day and still come back home heavier than when you went away. Man . . . I have to diet this week.

Super fun trip. Made the 4.5 hr trip to East Burke, Vermont with Mark and Tanya Friday morning and met up with Tobin, Pierre, Katrina, Gilles, Melissa and Amilee. Set up camp and went riding. Trails can be slipperier than a chickens snot, but we were blessed with perfect weather and pristine trail conditions.

Blood - Pierre took a header on the second day. We weren't sure if he was going to loose a couple of chicklets or not.

Bikes at Bailey's in East Burke - lunch break.

Princess Tanya gets a ride near 'Old Webs'.

J-Bar is a smok'in fast trail. My hands hurt at the bottom from gripping so hard.
(left to right) Pierre, Tobin, Tanya, Gilles and Mark - Burke Mtn in the background

Video of Tanya and I ripping down 'Sidewinder'.

Listen to the video . . . . Tobin, who's Carol???

'Sidewinder' is a trail cut in a ravine. The trail rises and falls between the two ridges - imagine a natural half pipe. Fun as hell! We rode this three times while there - well worth the climb back up to the top.


Tobin said...

Nice GIRL! Not Carol! A was eating!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for running the camara Big Ring!


The Vegan Vagabond said...

Nice pics!

Why didn't you add the superfreak photo to your blog page?? That's the best one!