Sunday, November 9, 2008


Whoot! Check the gas price! I can't remember when it was that low. That's 60.9 cents per litre to all the American readers. Prolly still not as cheap as you pay, but it's damn low. I filled the car up on the way home from the ride on Friday and took this as a keep sake . . . . gwad knows when they'll be that low again. I even kept the receipt to show my children and my children's children. I'm lucky cause I also don't remember when I filled the car - I hardly use it anymore as I bike to work everyday and walk or ride to places in the neighbourhood. Dr. Peter summed it up as well here.

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Anonymous said...

I even kept the receipt to show my children and my children's children

-- wait until yah see what they will be paying for oil.
What we take today we leave less for tomorrow.

It's party time.
Someone has to pay.
That's the next generation stuck with the mess.

I've chatted with numerous people, all feel that gas is way way too low. It makes us uncompetitive.
Europe and Japan are going to kick our fat asses when it comes to efficient vehicles.
We'll be bailing out the big 3 inefficient machines for the many years to come....
(for every dollar you stick into the tank you use only 30 cents the rest is pissed away due to inefficiency)